Ice Cream Stop Motions

I was approached by Bath based creative agency Realityhouse to help them create some unique imagery for a rebrand that they were going through.

The brief was fairly wide open, almost anti agency. We decided to go down a route poking at other agencies and the bland way in which they present themselves. Sometimes it's really difficult to actually define what an agency actually do and Ant, the creative director was keen to move away from that and do something totally different. Hence the “Vanilla”  and “Look at me” stop motions.

Possibly a bold and risky move when sometimes clients like to know they are in safe and reliable hands, but it was a great idea to be brought in to work on.

And yes, we did actually make the lettering out of ice cream and shoot it all for real. That was the difficult part. Summer didn’t help our cause in some ways with this one, but we got the results all the same! Check them out below.