I recently photographed a couple of the Nike Flyknit Lunar trainers.

The idea was kind of simple really. I’ve always had an interest in space, even though it blows my mind. I also rather like trainers so I thought I would combine the two, trainers on the moon. I was looking at a lot of NASA images to start off with for this, one in particular stood out which is the image of a footprint in the moon surface. I started to look at trainer and found the Nike Lunars. A match made in heaven!!



This one's been a while in the pipeline. When I first went to see the GC guys they mentioned this project and how excited they were for it if it was going to happen. Fast forward 6 or so months and we were ready to shoot some lifestyle imagery for the client after a rebrand and a great new bottle shape and colour.

We shot on location in a pub for the day. It was big enough to give us a variety of backgrounds and create a few different moods throughout the day. Time just went too quickly on the day though - I could have easily spent another day shooting more! It always helps when its a beautiful looking product too.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day - setting up and moving the colossal amount of kit that we needed to make sure that we were getting the results that we wanted.

A few behind the scenes images (thanks to Wayne Lennon for those) and some of the finals are below.



I got caught a little bit short with this (2015’s) years Christmas card. Its good to be busy, but then a few things get put to one side and forgotten about. Luckily, my friends at Green Chameleon had an awesome idea for a christmas card and asked me to go in and shoot it. I’d like to say it was a collaborative effort, but look at the effort that went into making the card!!

Hoping everyone has a great start to 2016!!


This was the first time that I have worked with the Green Chameleon guys in Bristol (check out their work). They came to me with a brief for some still life images for their client Forthglade who produce organic pet foods, all made in the UK.

The brief consisted of a couple of parts, firstly they wanted some images of the fresh ingredients that go in to the pet food and then some images with the ranges of products in a collection type scenario. I was more than happy to get involved with this one and I’m pleased to say that both the client and the agency, along with myself are really stoked with the images that we got on the day!!


I was recently approached by Clive from the Green Cafe in Ludlow to shoot some of his delicious food for him and his new website. Clive and his team have just been awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand award – not difficult to see why with the quality of the ingredients used and the attention to detail with the homely and warming dishes.

The Green Cafe is one of my favourite spots when I’m visiting my parents and my hometown of Ludlow. One perk of the job was tasting the food that I was shooting. Incredible as  ever.


I photographed James, an old college friend in the studio a few weeks ago. He wanted something a little different from the usual corporate kind of headshot for his website. I was more than happy to help.

Check out his work:


Just messing around with some honey in the Studio recently.


Sanj from The Quarterly got me together with Ben to shoot a piece for the magazine with the theme of journey. In this instance, the journey of craftsmanship. Ben from Blok knives was only too keen to get involved and was an absolute pleasure to work together on this one.

Its great to see someone who’s so passionate about what they do and taking the time to make something so beautiful and unique in this day and age. Safe to say, I’ll be placing myself an order for one of Ben’s knives sooner rather than later!!

You can check out his work at:

“When I walk into work it just makes me smile, because I know I’m going to make a knife.”


This ones been a while in the making. I came up with the idea when I was sat in a coffee shop in London with one of my mates. We watched on as the staff prepped coffee with a seemingly precise attention to detail. But not only that, there was coffee that looked as though it was some sort of chemical experiment. That was it, the idea was born!!

I sat on the idea for 6 or so months before I actually started to shoot it. I developed strong visuals in my mind of how I wanted each image within the piece to look. Sketching them down helped, then it was time to make this idea a reality. Here’s what I have so far. Bit of an ongoing one this I feel so look out for more of it throughout 2015 or 2016!!

Best enjoyed with a coffee…