10 Great Ways | Still Life Campaign with Realityhouse.

When the guys at Realityhouse contacted me with the idea for this campaign, I couldn't wait to help them photograph it and bring the concept to life in the studio.

The idea was to take the Chambers & Partners books and give them an alternative use other than the directory and bookshelf "benchwarmer" that it is. 10 different ways in fact. Here is a selection of my favourite alternative uses for the book along with a few behind the scenes images from the shoot.

We spent a couple of days in the studio shooting all 10 executions.

The uses for the book that the guys at Realityhouse came up with were: Emergency supplies part 1 (pictured), emergency supplies part 2 (pictured), vanity (pictured), coffee table book, workout, insurmountable wall preventing rebel scum from returning to their ship, privacy, stress relief (pictured), heat protection & lunch (pictured).


Had great fun shooting this project for Realityhouse and they let me know it went down a storm with existing client roster as well as prospective new business.

I love shooting these kinds of creative projects, so if you have something coming up or in mind, drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to chat about things!